The actual longest flight in the world

Hi guys.In this post,I want to show you my longest flight, Jakarta, Indonesia to Bogota, Colombia.This flight is really long.It takes 22 hours to finish with the distance of the flight is more than 10000nm.

Here is the flight information

  • Aircraft and livery : Airbus A350-900 (LATAM livery)
  • Callsign : LATAM Colombia 9889 Heavy
  • Route : Jakarta - Bogota
  • Flight time : 22 hours and 4 minutes
  • Distance : 10857 nm
  • Fuel usage : 111 tonnes
  • Passenger : 0
  • Cargo : 0 kg

The picture.

  1. Parking at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta.

  2. Take off runway 25R departing south.

  3. Cruising altitude FL310

  4. Sunset over Australia

  5. Sunrise over Pacific Ocean

  6. Flying over Pacific Ocean.Then night when arrive at Colombia

  7. Time for landing at El Dorado.It’s really challenging because no ILS at runway 31s

  8. Landing safely runway 31R

  9. Parking at El Dorado International Airport

  10. The flight XP and flight time.

It’s really long flight. @ThomasThePro I don’t know what happened to you when approaching Colombia.We actually not planned to fly together but he also made same flight with me.

Thanks for watching my pictures.Hope you guys enjoy it.


I like those pictures. This really is the longest flight ever. Longest than those in real life like Newark to Singapore or London to Sydney.


It’s half around the world.

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I also did this flight.

It’s much more exciting to approach to runway 31L/ R, even more if you want to follow real procedures.

The antipode of Bogotá is directly Jakarta, that’s why it has that duration.

I follow STAR and Approach for my landing.

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I think this is my last flight before my pro subscription ended.

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22hrs!!! Wow that is really long! Nice shots :)

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