The ability to use reverse thrust more freely

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to inform you of the possibilities regarding the use of reverse thrust in situations other than on the ground, and above 40 kts GS. However, one thing to note: this feature would need to be locked if on Training or Expert Servers. This feature could be more for having fun on Solo or Casual.

The use of reverse thrust on the ground below 40 kts. would be both fun and practical for a few reasons.

1). The Boeing C-17 often uses reverse thrust after landing to the point of briefly moving backwards for a small moment.

2). We could use reverse thrust to pushback. Although it is out of protocol, it would be fun to use.

3). We could also just use reverse thrust in mid air just for fun!

Thank you for reading this feature request. Have a good day.

Happy landings,

Already lost me. Sounds like a nightmare.


I don’t know about that… if you want fun, F-22, KLAX, casual server…😁😂😏


It sounds like it could be fun, especially on Solo. Being a nightmare could be fun too!

Just my opinion (I think I love fun too much 😁), but thank you for reading!



Also, if y’all watch JNG Aviation on YouTube, this could be a source for another one of his fun videos (like What HAPPENS when IDIOTS PLAY Infinite Flight?)


With commercial airliners, reverse thrust on landing should not be used below 60 kts. Not even going to say what would happen if used mid-air, the answer should be obvious…

Also, do you know how many ghost appeals would be caused by “I forgot reverse thrust can be used mid-air so I stalled and crashed”? too many…


That wouldn’t end well…


Perhaps I should explain myself better. As I feel like I just shot down the idea in the first post I made.

I understand that pilots can use reverse thrust whenever needed in real life to stop on a wet taxiway, etc. (according to Mentour Pilot). However because wet runways and taxiways in IF doesn’t exist there is no real reason for this IMO. I can already see this feature being miss used even on “expert” server.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to have fun in infinite flight but not in the same way you are describing. Infinite flight is a FLIGHT SIMULATOR not a FLYING GAME. I believe that the true fun in IF is simulating what it is like to be a pilot not messing around. There are other apps for that They are even free 😉 Once again just my opinion…


I do realize this. This is why any reasonable person would only do this on Casual Server or Solo. Perhaps this feature can be locked if in Expert or Training :)


The C130 already has this ability for STOL purposes in military applications


I do realize this. This is why pilots could just play around with it on Solo or Casual. :)

sounds like chaotic fun

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Your opinion is a good one.

Perhaps this feature could be locked if a player is on Training Server or Expert Server.

I realize the seriousness and wonder if flying as you are supposed to. But, some pilots do like to mess around a little bit on Solo or Casual (Myself included). Just my opinion.

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That’s what I thought 😁. This feature would need to be locked on Training and Expert though.

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should change it to just for casual server

Yeah, that and Solo.

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I appreciate your understanding. I did not want to come across as harsh but I thought I would put my honest opinion out there!

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Ok… what?


That’s good. Keep doing that 👍

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But who’s stopping people from doing this on ES? Unless there is some system made that gives you a violation if you pushback in an A380 via reverse thrust. I understand your idea, but I think it would have to be thought through a little more. Thanks!

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