The ability to spectate other player's camera view

Since I saw Laura’s instagram I noticed that she was using 2 devices (a tablet and a computer) to perfectly fit the F-16 with the KC-10 for refueling and I got the Idea of why not adding an option to watch other people’s flight while you are doing your own flight and the button could be like this:
You go to the map and select the aircraft that you want to spectate. Next, there could be a button next to “Copy FPL” that says “Spectate” and you click on it.

Finally, after you had click the button “Spectate” you can now see what the other aircraft is watching.
(And I know that it’s one picture per request but I wanted to show you how will it look like)
This could be helpful when you want to refuel your fighter with a KC-10, if you want to see what you look like from another airplen’s view, or to take screenshots for a group flight.
(If this is a duplicate feel free to close it as I found nothing related to this request).

Good idea, this would make for some cool screenshots!


Nice feature request but this is a flight sim and not a watch other people play flight sim sim. It doesn’t get my vote.


Pretty cool idea. This would be great for the Infinite Flight YouTubers who do spotting videos.


It’s a great idea. Would be cool if a person can fly With u as a passenger. Is that possible?


Okay, this would be cool.

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