The ability to select any area in which to fly

First of all, this isn’t my idea, but @JIA_345’s.
In the IF normal version (non-global), you are only able to fly in selected areas in the world unfortunately. So there should be a way to select where you want to fly. I already made a feature request for more areas in the IF normal version, but that’s different. More airspace in the Infinite flight normal version
So basically how this would work is we would be able to get a square, of say 300nm X 300nm, and we can select any where in the world where we want to fly, but only within that space. I think this would be a great feature because then we can fly to a specific place we want to, in the non-global version of Infinite Flight. Please vote for this as this would be a great addition to IF…
Thanks, and have a nice day!

I don’t think many would like this. Global gives us the freedom to fly anywhere without limits.


Great idea and maybe after they convert all of IF to the same quality of ground seniory.


Isnt that the point of getting the pro subscription tho?


Not really, some people don’t want to pay for global, but want to fly in non-global for a lesser price…

I’m talking about the non-global version of IF. Please read the actual request…

I think its a great idea! I wanted to fly in/around boston when I didn’t have global.

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Thanks @BravoCharlie been wanting to see thi in game forever great request

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See when I bought Xplane I didn’t use the whole map I bought a selection of areas that I knew I would fly in

So the request you have is to change the regions that are currently available in non-Pro subscription, to a system where you can choose the region. Correct?

You’re not asking for more or larger regions; you’re asking for the ability to choose the region.


Yup! that’s correct :)

Great idea, but in this case I may give up subscription. Because a 300 Nm square wherever I want is sufficient for me.
So this will not happen I think.


Yeah, but maybe like 250nm… As long as we are able to choose…

Still sufficient for me. Diagonal 353 Nm. It’s tight but sufficient.

Ah ok, my bad. This request makes much more sense now haha. Make sure to vote for it!

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I can’t as I’ve reached my limit, but I’ll see if I can free up a vote

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You have my vote, 300nm by 300nm is enough for me to go from my home airport KHOU to KDAL and from my other home air port KIAH to KDFW would love to see this in infinite flight I hope they consider it.

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That’s why here is pro subscription. Come on! The game needs developments and life and working is not cheap! Devs need support then we can get A350s, concordes, realistic physics etc.


Yes, but someone’s gotta earn that money! Why should we be paying more for something that doesn’t cost as much as it should!


I agree but can you develop a flight simulator game yourself? No…

Can you develop a game which is better than IF? No…

Why? Because it is a teamwork. And it is the best mobile flight simulator i have ever seen.

Why? Because developers care professionalism, regarding to technical development.

And of course there marketing issues. If they open 300nm, pro subsciption will just have little differences and we will wait for years and years to get developments.

You can pay one month, then rest for a month, then pay one month more.

But i don’t find this feature useful.

Some empathy, we need. I agree you have to earn to pay for this game. But you are not forced to play this sim. But they have to get support.