The ability to save flight plans

Sometimes it gets annoying having to make a flight plan every flight , or maybe you have just spawned and you want to change plane but if you change your plane your flight plan will be lost . How about the ability to save flight plans , for example I made a flight plane from WMKK-WSSS but I decided I wanted to change plane so I save the flight plan as ’ WMKK - WSSS flight plan ’ so when I spawn back with a different plane I can quickly select that flight plan


This website could be helpful,
it has lots of flight plans.

I think the author is asking for an option to save the flight plans. He probably knows which waypoints he intends to use.

sorry by using this website he doesn’t need to save the plans they are there for him to use at any time. But okay i see where you are coming from.

It will be good if the flight plans from the website you have shared can be pre loaded into the game 😀

i made the site im hoping to take it further but for now people will just have to read the plans off the webpage

Jake…r u the one who made tht stuff ?? Does it work in Android ?? Coz i couldnt get any route

Yes @Stephen_Benny I made the site, it should work on android. if you go on the site and use the contact form to explain what is happening I’ll get back to you with a solution.

Do u have to manually input these waypoints or are there other ways to do it ??

at the moment its manual, you choose the plan you want and input it to the game.

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this is something i have always wondered about…sometimes its good to be able to save flight plans…this would be a good thing…

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I would really love this, would make flying so much quicker!


I’d love to see this!


Why do you guys keep dredging up these stale notions. This one was rode hard and put away wet months ago! Someone tell me where and how you would store your personal plans for rapid retrieval. Who pays for the server/storage space, who is the storage system manage & who pays him or her etc. etc. Anybody do a cost benefit analysis? As for the bootleg systems, smoke & mirrors without coordination with FDS, There not even cut & paste comparable with FDS’s model. This one don’t meet the smell test for me… NEXT!!! Mad Max Sends

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What he said^

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It would be nice if I was to fly the same route that I did yesterday or even a couple hours ago without creating the same route again.

Ex. I plane a route from KLAX to KNUC and I fly that route for the day. I wake up in the morning and want to fly the same route that I did yesterday by clicking a button and the route to be right there so I don’t have to remember what I did yesterday.