The ability to look at our flight paths

The Ability to look at your own Flight Path 

Hey IFC,

One thing I noticed is that you are not able to look at your own flight path In-game. While you can use apps like LiveFlight, I feel that it would be better to look at your own flight path that you’ve flown without using another device.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about:


(The colorful line)

We are able to look at other people’s flight path when we click on their aircraft on the map, however I find it weird that we can’t look at our own flight path.

Why I think this feature should be implemented

Well, sometimes you’ve done a really long flight, or did a lot of landings, and you just wanna see your flight path! It is a very easy feature to add, since we are already able to see each other’s flight paths.
And its better to be able to see your flight path in-game rather then needing to use another app to do so.

What do you think? Should this be implemented?

Also, I searched for duplicates but the only thing I found was this topic that was closed.

oh so you mean how we have actually flown across our flight?

Would be nice but I would just use live flight to do that

Yes, I mean that.

Don’t you think its better to see it in-game rather than having to use another app? I mean, we can see other’s flight paths but not ours.


I think it would be more useful for other people to see

although it would save time and storage space if we did have this feature


I think this would look awesome with a newer updated terrain map. Still, this would be a handy feature to look at in the future.

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Yes! I’m looking forward to both features! :D


I’d want to see something like this added in game. Shouldn’t be too hard to add either

Yup! Thanks for the support mate!

Yes, i would like to see that. Although i haven’t got free votes for this, i would like to have an option to see my flightpath and i would like to have ability to close that. Thirdparty apps cause game disconnect. I don’t want to disconnect, i want to see live flightpath.

I am bookmarking this one and if my (local airline liveries) requests have been applied, i will vote for this one.

Thats correct! Thanks for your support mate!


Maybe devs can apply something similar. Look at the flightpath. Or classic green lines.

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I did this once. I think it was a glitch though.


I think this would be a great feature in infinite flight, Ive always was curious how my flight went especially in long hauls, I think it’s a great idea and I hope it comes to Infinite Flight.

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Thanks for the support everyone! make sure to vote!

I do use LiveFlight often, but that would be a interesting feature. I will flag another similar request from 2015 for closure as well to keep this active.

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Thats true.

What do you guys think of this? I think its a really simple feature that could be added!

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Very true! Just voted, good luck!

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Thanks! Greatly appreciated :)

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Removed a vote for this. I would love this , would make it so much easier than getting out a second device 😀