The ability to listen to two frequencies at once

Hello community!,

Earlier today I was reading a few topics about switching to ATIS whilst tuned into APPR frequency and thought, “Hey, maybe we can have a feature to listen to 2 frequency at once like IRL!” Ya know how there always another radio that is tuned into 121.5 or the Guard frequency, or ATIS? Well, we can bring that to IF!

Essentially, there would be two ways to tune into a different frequency without leaving the other one.

  1. In the ATC menu, to the right of the airport controller name and info, there is a sort of empty space as seen here.

In that blank space, there can be a separate menu for the second radio to be monitoring or tuned into, such as ATIS or unicom.

  1. The other way for you to switch to another “com” is on the map.

For example, when you are tuned into APP, you can open this menu and click on the ATIS button and the APP freq. will say 'com1" and the ATIS freq will say “com2”

Can this be abused?
Sort of. People can be tuuned into Tower while in APP, or Tower while on ground, or even ATIS while on Tower. So, there could be a way where only ATIS or UNICOM is available to be tuned into on com2. Also, the com2 section can be only for MONITORING, not transmitting, to avoid confusion. Furthermore, this should be an Expert Server ONLY feature, to avoid trolls and beginners abusing the system.

I think this will be a great addition to IF and it can be very helpful to pilots as well.

Big thanks to @SkysTheLimit87 for providing these two images for me!

Have a good day.

Great idea, but out of votes… :(


Thanks! No problem though

Same. Great idea but out of votes. I think this should be in game. It would help out

Brother you are a genius. On so many levels. I’m Go Green Lights. On this idea.


I give it 5 minutes before the first “I was listening to the other freq that’s why I didn’t hear my instructions” thread pops up.

Also, why would you need to listen to ATIS repeatedly while on Approach? It already kills me when people switch to ATIS mid-way through vectoring, as if I’m going to vector them to a runway not in use or something.


Some people will monitor approach before they need to call them to see what the traffic is doing while they get the ATIS

I have mixed feelings about this feature. On on side it’s a great idea for lets say, the expert flyers on IF that actually take the sim serious and would not abuse the option to listen to multiple frequencies. On the other hand there are a lot of trolls, beginners, people who take this sim as a joke etc. etc. that will abuse this feature whether we’re in Training Server or the Expert server. I’m not voting for this (yet) but I’ll certainly think of it. It would be a lovely addition and would make it more realistic. Keep in mind, I’m not saying it’s a bad feature!

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I think it’s a good idea, possibly make it a ‘listen only’ channel, to save any confusion with messages your are transmitting?

That way you can, like you say, have ATIS or Unicom (if a controller isn’t present on a particular freq) - but your responses always come from the COM1 frequency.

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Or vice versa

I edited it so that it should be only for Expert Server :)

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I like that idea @Naz.

For me the atis have not essential when is in flight. If you approach an airport control, or will give you the directions you will need to take according to the direction of the tracks used. The ATIS for me is more used on the Tarmac.

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There can be a thing where any altitude above 18k ft, the option is no longer available, as there is no reason to talk to ATC

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I think you have my vote :)

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I’m okay with monitoring, then checking. Not with asking for vectors and switching to ATIS mid vectoring. Hopefully the distinction is fairly clear. Once you’re being vectored, ATIS isn’t going to give you any useful information. (i.e. If the runway you’re being vectored to becomes inactive, the approach controller is sure to let you know)


Wow this idea is really beneficial for everyone in here. How did you come up with this idea?

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Are you asking me this question?

Yes!! How in the infinite skies did you come up with the idea. And how do you think the two radio frequencies should be overlapping and when do one go off?

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Well, I was recently curious about the “On Guard” frequency, used in emergencies, and how there is always one radio in the cockpit tuned into it, and how it can be used to tune into ATIS while on APP freq,etc. Later, I read topics here on the IFC about leaving the frequency to listen to ATIS and how challenging it is. After thinking, I put the newly learnt knowledge into this idea.
And about the 2 frequencies overlapping. It should be like in real life, where you can hear both frequencies at once. I’m not sure if this could be too much for some devices to handle though. And as I stated earlier, the option to be tuned into 2 frequencies at once should be unavailable after your plane passes 18,000 feet, because there is no need to communicate with ATC anymore.
I’m glad to hear you like my idea so much :) @Amalikyte1