the Ability to leave the app during flights without getting disconnected

In long haul flights all you do is wait to reach your destination. Why not add the ability to exit the app while you are long haul flights without disconnecting from the server? I think that would be great. What do you guys think?

I like the idea, but Infinite Flight is a flight simulator, not a passenger simulator. Also, don’t forget to vote for your own feature.

😆 yeah, but this could be the future of flight simulators

That is a subjective opinion. Myself personally, I would like a live FMC among other things. Do you see where I am coming from?

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Wait what is FMC

Flight management computer. For planning and calculating flight and fuel etc.


Furthermore, I suggest changing the title to better reflect the actual feature you are requesting.

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You know, they don’t have to add an entertainment system. They just have to add the ability that while you are in long haul flights, you can just exit the app and do whatever you want without it losing connection to the server, and when you reach an active airport, it would then disconnect you from the server.

I find this idea pointless. The point of a flight simulator is to fly and manage real life procedures. Not to use in-flight entertainment in passenger seats.

I’m not sure. I just can’t think my head around it as we don’t really need that for now.

Oh yes. This is NOT a passenger simulator. This is a Pilot simulator. If you know what I mean. 😉

Edit 2: You May seem to change the topic altogether. Let’s not confuse between in flight entertainment and the ability to leave flights without getting disconnected. @Abudy


That’s like saying, use a device with a rather low amount of RAM and low/bad RAM management, then exit the app for continuous hours and hope for the app tp stay open. More than likely the device will have shut down the app, whether that be a game, social media or whatever. Even high/end devices will at some point if have had a app in the background for an extreme period of time or have had it in the background with multiple other apps open, close one, two or more apps that are not in use.

Though the more RAM you have and the better management your device/operating system have, the longer you can keep an or more apps open in the background. But in the case of IF, keeping it in the background also pauses the simulator, which in turn seems reasonable, as a pilot in real life should leave the cockpit unattended without knowing that the first officer is there, or wise-versa if the co-pilot leaves the Captain should monitor the flight.

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I completely changed the topic:)

So do I change it back?

@Abudy No, but just avoid changing the topic on what it is supposed to be about. 👍

Not something we’ll be implementing as it causes too many negative side effects with ATC.