The ability to ghost/temporarily ban users as ATC on training server 1

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I’m sure most of us have bin ATC in the past and a lot of us have dealt with idiots, some who just don’t follow ATC instructions at all and others who do, I’m sure a lot of us are getting literally fed up with people who just don’t do as they’re told, I know IFATC have the ability to ghost but I think ATC on training server 1 should be able to either ghost/ temporarily ban users, and I know there will be those people who will be trolls and just come online and ban people, those is where I think there should be a system, you should be qualified by a moderator/IFATC and you should be a certain grade, perhaps 3 I think this would be a great option to have as the skies would or should be a lot safer, please let me know what you think! Once again credit to @Pilotmaster2129

As much as I would love this, definitely can’t have it. TS1 is loaded with trolls who will just hop on as ATC and start ghosting/banning everyone.


I thing ghost ability on TS1 wouldn’t be a great idea…Imagine trolls ghosting everyone.


Then again, this could be abused by a troll who can just hop on the Training Server and ban a bunch of users.


This is where I think you should be a certain grade, have a test given to, to be ’ qualified ’ to be ATC on training server 1

Never going to happen! Time to move on.


Explain? Reason? I would like to hear your opinion :)

Then you should probably include that up in your original thread. What grade were you thinking of? Even if someone is a certain grade they can still be a troll on the server.

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And also if we are requiring a grade and a test, what’s the difference between IFATC and training server?

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You could base it on a system that limits ghosting privileges to controllers on TS1 with ops of maybe above 3000, but at that point they would move to IFATC anyways.

The same people you’re complaining about on the training server are the same people that would be abusing this feature. Even with the report feature, that was constantly abused with the gang mentality of reporting someone because they’re near your event or simply teaming up with two buddies and ghosting an entire region.

We’ll discuss internally and announce when that time comes.


Even though it’s hard to dealing with them. There’s nothing much we can do about it. Implementing this means defeating TS purpose a Training server for both Pilots and ATC.

Sometimes, I’m worried if this feature come one day as it would be used for Trolls to ban users =/

Irresponsibility, manpower, etc. The list goes on.

None of us will take the time to “qualify” people to ghost on TS when we already have to worry about testing people for the Expert server. Besides, if you want be a serious controller or pilot, go to Expert. Training server is intended for its namesake.

What’s the point of giving the people the power to punish on TS if it can be done on Expert too? That essentially collapses the boundaries and makes having one of them absolutely pointless and useless. Same standards, same accountability, and so on. People should be using TS to practice for and move on to Expert.

That, and everything Tyler said above.


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