The ability to choose from between real world weather and custom weather in live mode

Hey guys. Really the title is the whole request. So what if right, someone and their friend wanna do an extreme weather landing in EIDW, but its sunshine? Well, this would be how!!

Any support is appreciated!!

I don’t think this is at all possible. How would you have two different weathers in one server? It doesn’t make sense… you’re crusing along the Altantic with a 100 knot tailwind when another person coming the other way also has a 100 knot tailwind set up for them.

Also, ive looked and I dont think that this is a duplicate :)

Well, this would be a big problem on live server.

Say there’s currently a 7 knot headwind, and someone sets it to a 50 knot tailwind. That’s making controlling even worse than it currently is if you have aircraft going the same airspeed, but 60-70 knots faster in terms of ground speed. How are we supposed to adapt to that?

If you want to practice extreme landings, solo.


You would just have it for that one device

True, but what if it was only in casual server?

This doesn’t change the issue with the server. There can only be one server.

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Anyway, its just an idea i had, but if u really dont think that this would work, then do what u want with it and close it

If I had it for this one device then it wouldn’t be a live server

If you want to practice extreme weather, go to BadBadWeather and find an airport with bad weather to practice at. Doesn’t have to be EIDW.

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I feel that this would work better in solo. Sometimes, if you change the weather in solo, but then want to change it back to real-life-conditions, there’s no way to do it. I don’t see how this would work on a live server, but if this is for solo, then I could understand how this could function.


The point is stated multiple times already

But if it was implemented, it would make METARS useless.

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Online weather will always be real world :)