The A3XX Cockpit: Explained

Really good and helpful! 😃

Quick question: what is the MFD in the systems?

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The MFD would be the multifunction display or in other words, the navigation map. You can change between different modes and distances via the systems page.


Oh, right. Thanks so much ;)


Could someone tell me what it is for Source GPS / NAV1?
I think it was in the XCUB tutorial but I can’t find it


Awesome job explaining 👍. I’m excited to fly more in the cockpit of the A320

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It’s explained here under FAQ.

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Good job I did a part type rating in the A320 :)

Nothing chance as i click on the SOURCE NAV1 Button. What is that buttom mean?

This question was been answered just a few posts above. Check what @Jet_Airways_995 said.

Whatever happened to Mark “Skyhawk Heavy” Denton?


I think so.

I hope so!

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I’ve done both approaches now and I don’t see the difference either. ILS or GPS, NAV1 or Source and all I get is the diamond shape indicators for both


The APPR doesn’t work…it just keeps bobbing up and down. I’ve tried it on both. GPS and NAV1 none of them seem to work…

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Thanks for the lovely work again, Brandon!

@Blake_Stephens I haven’t had any issues yet, though I almost never fly the A320 family. Are you setting up the AP for a smooth approach? Video below as an example.

So nice to fly around without the big HUD all over the screen now. Improvements just keep on coming in leaps and bounds with this fantastic mobile flight sim! Pretty soon I’m sure we’ll start getting different pages for the MFD and really make it multi-function.


Yes I have been. It’s never gone correctly. Iv even tried setting it under/above and exactly. But nothing will hold the GS

btw you have to click the HUD button and select your Runway ILS/GPS and then switch off the HUD view, i just did a proper full flight to Tokyo Narita and as i was approaching the localizer for runway 16L i switched on the HUD view and noticed that 16R was selected and i manually changed it to 16L < i think thats might be whats causing issues for you?

but anyway you can also try flying the approach without APPR just work with the AP until you get to a comfortable altitude to fly the approach manually.

i just finished my flight and flown the whole final approach manually only on the captain view without HUD, but i had to go around once and managed to land in the second try.

APPR won’t work in several situations where you are not within the limits when you switch it on.

By example one of them is attitude. If you are significant above the glideslope it won’t ever catch it. So you Aircraft could never follow it.

The „bobbing“ is a complete separate issue that is not related to APPR.

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Eh APPR is for kids, true man lands plane manually 😁


@MGM1 that is not true. Mine will pick up by itself. I think as long as your aligned with the runway your fine!🙂

@Major-Tom I have solved the issue. I was to slow when I was trying to use APPR you have to keep your speed up first!😁