The A380F becomes reality

Never seen it, thanks for the reasoning on why it’ll fail


Don’t worry. The world’s queen will continue her reign. I’m talking about the 747, not Elizabeth II.

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LH Technik is a highly specialised company for aircraft maintenance and works, and I am pleased to see them now also making A380 conversions. Still the A380 sadly isn’t build for freight and this won’t save it in my opinion unfortunately.

I hope the aircraft will have a pax comeback at some point though!

Thanks for sharing!


The A380s wing was based on the proposed A380-900. Fedex ordered some A380s but Airbus scrapped the program as it was not viable.

plus, the A380 will reach MTOW before its even 2/3 full on a profitable flight

An A380F would looks simply ugly. No thanks!

A UPS A380 would look quite intriguing.

Is it just me or does the main gear on that rendering look like it only has double bogies instead on the triple on the inner set?

Only is economical right now because of high demand for cargo and low fuel prices. Once either crashes the A380F is costing more money than it is making to fly. This is a baindaid where a turniquet is needed. The reason those orders were cancelld is 1. The A380 is cant carry heavy enough loads for specialozed cargo operations like the AN-124 or AN-225 and 2. The A380 offers nearly identical cargo space by volume as the 747-8F while being far less economical (heavier). Sorry to burst the A380 fanatics (eye roll) bubble but this doesnt save the A380 from its imminent retirement (thank god).

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Are there any new updates regarding if one has already been converted?

Far out, this whole demand thing will be all over when they are finshed the conversion

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