The A380, was it all a failure?

The problem is not the plane, it is the time. Such large aircraft are no longer needed, they are not profitable. That is why almost no passenger B747-8s have been sold either. The B747-8i has been a bigger failure than the A380.

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Again, that isn’t my point. I don’t think you’re getting what I’m saying.

The A380 is perfectly fine to fly on extremely busy and profitable routes like DXB-LHR, but since they have so many A380s, they have no choice but to fly it on lower demand routes like what I mentioned in my first post. That’s the issue. Obviously it doesn’t make sense to run 777s on a route such as DXB-LHR since firstly, that route is going to be profitable regardless of aircraft and second, that route focuses more on the number of passengers carried (since it’s in such high demand), but that still doesn’t make the A380 profitable for Emirates overall, as not every route Emirates flies has such high demand.

Look, if you still don’t get me, here: Emirates has way too many A380s and not enough high-demand routes to use the A380s on, and that’s why Emirates is slowly moving them into storage or flying them on low demand routes just so that they don’t dive into further losses with the aircraft.

Hoping this clears things up for you :)


Rich airlines like Emirates is the only reason the A380 was not a massive failure. It was simply too big, used too much fuel and too expensive to fly.

Good news. Emirates will keep the A380

All Qantas A380 returning to the skies soon :DD

I don’t think it was a failure it’s just aviation is changing and technology is improving and more and more aircraft are becoming really fuel efficient and no one saw the pandemic coming if it didn’t happen more airlines would have held on to them.

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