The A380 is a missed opportunity?

They will likely retire their old examples they have one of the youngest fleets in the sky and they may find that the fuel savings are much better, or they could just have them aswell as the other aircraft as they do need more planes for their rapid expansion

Fuel savings on new examples of the same airframe are very very small, not enough to justify the up front cost of a whole new plane.

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This is Emirates though the average age of their aircraft is 6 years so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did

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Slightly irrelevant question. You are not comparing like for like.

The 380 was designed to move the “maximum” amount of people at the most efficient cost.

The 787 etc are designed to move the most “convenient” number of passengers at the maximum “efficiency” possible.

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I find that the A380 is just Airbus showing what they can do. The A380 wasn’t going to be a success, and Airbus knew it from the start.

Not true. No company is going to spend hundreds of billions developing for 20 years to deliberately make a loss.

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It’s good advertisement for Airbus. The A380 has proved to the world that Airbus can produce a double-decker aircraft with ultra long range. It impacted sales on every Airbus aircraft.

It doesn’t matter though as Airbus are making money from the A380 now

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You know the 777 is still considered brand new, right?

Yes I do, I work around aircraft daily so I have a decent idea of aircraft age, as well as the associated costs of owning/operating commercial airliners based on age.

I believe it’s test

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I see more bentleys then ferraris and lamorghinis they cost a lot more though

Thankyou very much

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The A350 is 10 years older then the A380, That is not a missed opportunity.

No not exeactly. When the 380 was created Boeing said no we alllll need smaller aircraft that’s why they then created the 787 the A350 just competes with that.

This post seems to me as…

The A380 has some really really awesome and fantastic features that no planes have. It’s the best commercial aircraft ever created. I know some of those awesome features. Being an 380 pilot is my dream job

The A350 does not compete with the B787, the A330 is more it’s competitor and the A350 will be in competition with the B777 with the bigger variants like the A350-1000

What? I don’t understand…

I have corrected it thanks, I should really read what I have typed before posting this stuff always happens 🙄

Unless there is a demand for an a380-900 or a380neo, the 787 and a350 remain highly advanced that the a380 and definitely more eco-friendly not just because of their size, but because they were designed to be like that.

Emirates will keep the line ticking over for replacements and top ups - but beyond that it’s not exactly inspiring on the order front.

I love the A380, it’s a nice jet to fly on. But the poor thing was ahead of it’s time and a little over built.

For example the massive wing was designed to accommodate growth to the A380-900. This means the -800 has to carry about that huge wing profile and additional structure. It’s not optimised for the -800s size at the moment.

And to build a new, optimised wing just isn’t worth the $$$. Oh dear Airbus… what a corner you’ve been backed into.

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