The A380 is a missed opportunity?

I love the A380 & it is one of the greatest airliners of all time. However when you think of the 787 & A350 you think of these new airplanes almost the same age as the '380 with new technologies in the efficiency & comfort department that the A380 just lacks. Will Airbus add all these features on future A380s or will the A388 have the misfortune of lacking this tech for it’s entire life. Tell me what you think.


Unless there is ever a demand for an A380neo, (if ever it would probably be by Emirates lol) then probably not. I think it would be too expensive for airlines to retrofit their A380s.


What technologies?, it’s still pretty advanced.

  1. Emirates actually DID request an A380neo
  2. I meant that all new A380s should come with A350 grade tech as a opton
  3. What tech? Humidifiers & the Trent XYB, maybe an A389.

A380 is not outdated imo. the tech it uses are still high, and how it flyes is very special 😊


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The A380 is not the same age as the A350.

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What is the putpose of adding these features when only one airline is interested?

IAG was looking for A380s for their airlines, but they specified used frames for BA, IB, and EI. Used frames are not that hard to find, especially with MHs A380s coming on the market

TK was looking into the A380 but judging how their tourism is dropping, I would be surprised if they’re still interested, besides prestige maybe

JJ won’t be getting any like they hoped, unless their economic situation gets better.

Long story short, only EK, and possibly EY/QR for ego purposes, are interested in A380s. There’s not much of a demand, so why upgrade a dying plane. Boeing made a mistake with the 748 by trying to upgrade it when it had little interest on the market. EK’s Tim Clark is more worried that Airbus will cut production of the aircraft than build a neo version. This might speak to why Airbus isn’t investing more new “A350 tech” into the aircraft…

Just take a look at the “law kinematics”, BTV, etc.

It’s still a “state of the art” plane

The A380 has the latest technologies form when it was made which is over 10 years ago now, the proposed neo would mean new engines so it wouldn’t be to exoensive to do even if the only customer was Emirates, they have some that are nearly ten years old so they are looking to replace them with the more efficient ones

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Neoing a plane isn’t cheap or easy. You have to:

  1. Persuade a manufacturer to design, build, and test a new engine for a perhaps questionable program
  2. Have Airbus make some design tweaks to the model
  3. Then undergo extensive testing afterwards

Airbus sunk a lot of money into the A380 program and it wouldn’t be a smart decision to sink more money into a program that they likely won’t get money back.

Having one serious customer to try and cover all of thoses costs is not easily done.

Dear A380 fanboys: I am not saying the A380 is a horrible crummy aircraft and that Boeing is superior in all ways to Airbus.


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10 years old is a realllly old airplane…AA is flying 30+ year old frame that are in great condition.

American Airlines is nothing like Emirates they strive for the youngest fleet in the sky their business models are complexity different so don’t bother comparing them, and they are the ones pushing for the neo

Emirates will most likely buy around 200 neo aircaft this will make it suitable to make money from, if they have broken even form selling just over 300 for the development which is the most expensive then I’m sure they can cover the costs for a neo which is not as expensive as a whole new plane development

It’s not that far behind, it’s not as if the A380 is a neanderthal and the 787 / A350 are X-Men.

From a passenger perspective I’ve flown all three models (all three with Qatar Airways, and the 787 + A380 with BA) and the A380 is just as good IMHO.

No doubt Airbus will incrementally improve the A380.

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Airbus doesn’t seem to believe they can make money for it, and I’d trust their decisions

I forget if RR declined to make the engine or not.

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They didn’t think to make the A330neo is think their priorities are with all the other neo aircraft but most likely in a few years and with guaranteed orders it likely would go ahead, I’m sure rolls Royce will be the likely supplier of the engines as they power most of the A380’s. We will have to wait and see what happens

What I am saying is they don’t need to retire 10 year old aircraft, they are still young planes. They can if they want to because they have unlimited deep pockets to flex their muscles.

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