The A350 - First Thoughts

I’m not one who typically loses sleep anticipating the addition of a new aircraft in the sim. That being said, I’ve been closely following all the research and development that’s gone into the new A350, and decided to take it on a quick test flight. For this flight, I selected the Air Caraibes livery at Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport (TFFF). To experience the pure physics of the aircraft, I hand-flew it, with no autopilot, navigation or approach used. I must say, piloting the A350 felt comfortable right out of the gate. It was quick to respond to my inputs, and was almost intuitive in the way it handled. My manual approach and landing were straight and smooth, like I’d been flying it for weeks. As I’m not an A350 fanboy, I’m not sure exactly why this is. So, hats off to the developers of this magnificent aircraft. You’ve created what’s probably the best addition to the Infinite Flight fleet with the A350. Time will reveal if piloting the reworked B777 will match what I experienced here. What are your first thoughts on the A350?


I agree. It felt incredible, like it’d always had been in the game, and was just another aircraft I regularly fly. However, I prefer the old UI over this one. There’s so many parts and it’s kind of confusing.


I can tell that it is the best milestone after global update. Now Infinite Flight will be ready to win against Desktop Aviation Games.

A350. I really liked strobes and technique. I didn’t expect my national livery and i am surprised. Thanks a lot devs! Now flights will be more realistic. Also smart controls over engines, lights, misc etc are very good for realistic puahback. People can no more do taxi at the same time with pushback.


I do enjoy the A350 a lot! The cockpit is spot on and the plane handles like a dream. The selection of liveries is amazing too.


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