The A350-900 problems fix

Hello, before i start i want to say a great thank you to all the 3D artist and developers for bring this new aircraft to the sim, it’s not easy to do an aircraft like the a350 and we know that this type of heavies are new for all the IF team and obviously i thank you for you’re time.

3D modeling it’s not a joke, read this page if you are curious.

I do this request to fix the A350 problems that many people have been noticing since the A350 was launched (including me) taking into account the problems or even performance issues that a fix can do, i don’t ask for perfection but they still things to fix.


  • OIS (Operational Information System)
  • white wings
  • ND (navigation display) and PFD (primary flight display) FIX
  • Upgraded A350 winglet
  • Too wide cockpit issue
  • Vertical stabilizer Thickness
  • Missing liveries
    (If i missed things, comment below)

Photo in real life by: HD Melbourne Aviation

IF photo by: me

I understand the complications that this can have but we can all be patient so that the A350 can be completely done.

Firstly, the displays will come over time. It’s a gradual process. Emphasis on “will”

Secondly, modeling issues are hard to fix. They were notified of this issue too late, and making a fix could put more business on their hands. Just bear with it for a while until this is addressed.

Third, the features category is filled with livery requests. Every vote can make a difference 😉


Thank you for your input!

  • First of all, things that needs to be fixed is not something that goes into the #features category. These are generally bugs and the ones you mention, are noted internally already.

  • Regarding the displays, it’s a constant work in progress that will evolve and improve over time.

  • Liveries, well… there’s tons of requests for various liveries already. But we will always have missing ones, it’s just how it is. We’ve covered more than 90% of the A359 liveries as it is already with great diversity, which is more than enough at this point.

  • There’s already an open feature request for the upgraded winglet :)

  • And last but not least when it comes to feature requests;