The A340 with no centre gear wheel… [VIDEO]

This is interesting… What in the world happened to the middle gear? 😶


I have no idea why you titled this ‘A330’ as it’s clearly an A340. If it is a joke it isn’t very funny. Possible answer:


I know it’s an A340-313X. But I called the title that because without the middle gear, it’s basically a four engined A330.


Ahh so it just wasn’t very funny. Got it!😉


If you would say so… 😉

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So to answer, that thread suggests it is due to the ability to stow the middle gear if the aircraft is light. Apparently it has no effect if it’s light. Or there is something about maininence. That thread is confusing 😒


That’s very interesting… Never heard of such efficient use. 😄

Have you caught up yet, you seem a bit slow today. 😏

They may need to check that A340, that wheel is hiding!

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They can lock the centre gear up if needed. There are limitations with maximum take off and landing weight when doing this though.

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I don’t think they even need a center gear wheel. It’s just like a A330! 😛

main gear in 340 can be locked. It’s not common as the weight limitations drops drastically but I see its German Air Force so probably takes a politician no need full weight

Maybe a problem, it looked like he was very easy when settin it down.

Burns less rubber I guess :)

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