The A321 NEO comes to Wellington (with an IFC member on board)

THE A321 NEO at Wellington (With lucky @Matthew on board)

Hello everyone,

The last 2 weeks have been pretty awesome for welly spotters as we got our first 737 MAX flight a few days ago, but today we got our first ever A321 NEO to come to Wellington. Unfortunately, the NEO was just operating this route once and it will switch back to the A320 from tommorow! However, today over 25 people gathered at different locations to watch the A321 come in from its short hop from Auckland (and the departure). Also, awesome community member @Matthew was onboard the arriving flight so if anyone can spot him in one of the windows, then good job!

I seemed to randomly take a ridiculous amount of beacon shots, no idea why xD

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The Arrival

The Wexford/Calabar road lookout provided for some awesome views of the arrivals and these are some of my personal favourites. Hope you enjoy them! @Matthew the landing didn’t look soft, how was it?

SIN_5270 SIN_5280

The Departure

For the departure, me and my spotting mates spent a good 20 minutes trying to climb quite a steep and tall hill, but I think the view paid off. (Coming down really sucked tho)



What was your favorite shot?

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Nice photos mate!

Always special when you get to spot an aircraft with a fellow IFC member on board!

Thanks Declan! It’s sure is awesome to know that someone on that flight plays IF.


Beautiful photos! I can even see Matt on board, no I’m not saying you beautiful @Matthew 😉😝


Thanks dude!

Can you really?!


Great shots dude! Finger’s crossed that beauty makes a trip sometime down here to Queenstown!

Thanks! Queenstown would make for an amazing shot with the NEO!

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Your right wasn’t a soft landing quite hard, I even made a noise lol.

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Very big engines great flight


Nice to see it at NZWN can’t wait to spot it at NZCH

could be me potentially i think it is lol


Mmmmmm, could be you. What seat were you in and what seat is that?

Yeah, I think the crew floated it a bit too much and just put it down a bit harder than regular.

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actually forget it I was on other side opps.

Would be really cool for it to go to Christchurch!


Whoops. Maybe another avgeek!

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Man, you have got some killer photos! Really amazing shots, I always love seeing your spotting photos here on the IFC and on Instagram.
What a special spot!

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Someone buy me a ticket down to Wellington, I gotta spot at this airport. You literally have the perfect airport for spotting (if it had more traffic). Great shots!

Also what lens do you have?

Man, that plane is so sleek. 😍