The A321 has an Unbearable Bug

I’m on cruise right now Going to Atlanta, and I encountered a problem that I encounter every time I use the A321, the autopilot keeps oscillating the roll by approximately 30°, that’s for each side,As if it were a Stall, but it is not, because I see the ailerons moving, and when only the Heading is turned on, it stabilizes, is there a possibility of correction?
Device : Xiaomi redmi 10 Pro


What’s your speed & what are the winds like ?

This is most likely due to your altitude and weight. That’s why your encouraged to do step climb

0.78/37 0on a 2 hour flight, I’m light and I did Extremely strict FPL, I only have this problem with the A321.

But that problem exist only on A321 , I recommend testing to see

What was your load exactly

Try going to a lower altitude like FL320 and see any changes

Ive tested it sith full winds and gust to the side mid turbulence at your speed and alt. And it was fine. So it mitgh be skmething you did wrong like maybe select the wrong nav source i hsve no clue

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63%,I really have no idea what happens

I have had this issue before. The problem is not step climbing, its the inital altitude. Times I have started off at FL360 or above, regardless of duration or weight of the plane. The motion of the plane is similar to a figure 8.

The only way I fixed it was to switch off the AP for FL, turn on only VS and set to 0. Then try the AP once the rocking has stopped. If it continues, then just leave the AP FL off and keep the VS at 0.


I have the same issue

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I have had an issue like this one before. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Reduce your load.
  • Lower your altitude and V/S.

Yes, 37000 is high for 63%.
Here two pics of A321 now in europe. The second at or higher than 37000.

Happy (lower) flying!

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but I recently flew with 43% and he wanted to stall at 31,000, I think it must be another problem

Was it stalling or was it doing rhythmic figure 8’s? Doing the figure 8’s usually means its the AP set to a certain flight level.

Set your AP for FL at x FT, then once you get there, turn off the AP for FL and feather the VS between -/+ gains to stabilize.

Sometimes what you can do too, drop down to a lower level like FL250 and then do a slow climb back to a lower FL like FL310.

Best thing to do is to capture a video of it so it can be analyzed.

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next time it happens I will record it, how do I send videos ?

Depending on the device, you can record the screen. But mind you, you don’t need a long video to do so. 15 seconds would be sufficient. When the video is done recording, just upload it here.

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Ser that video,This time many might say it’s because of the weight because of the altitude, but the same thing happens at FL330

And here is the same flight, right after I turn off Lnav and leave only Heading… there’s definitely something wrong

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