The A321 Doesn't Maintain its altitude

When I fly the A321 it reacts altitude fine but then when it tries to maintain it it constantly pitches it nose up and down causing it to lose and gain altitude during the whole flight. I don’t know if its an error or its something that is just me. I would like to know if its a fixable issue?

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Well, first off, Welcome to the Community!!!

What is your speed and altitude when this occurs?

Hey! This is a known issue that I experience myself.

To keep your aircraft level in cruise (this is a temporary fix till they fix this bug)

  1. Climb to your desired altitude, only by using V/S
  2. When approaching your desired altitude, slowly lower your V/S as you get within 1,000 feet
  3. When you reach your desired altitude, set your V/S to 0. DO NOT touch your ALT button, this will cause the fluctuations you experience to occur

This is assuming you are cruising at the appropriate altitude for your weight.

I hope this helps and that this can be fixed soon!


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