The A320 Landing

Hello I noticed that the A320,A319 always comes in Straight and when landing you kinda hit it, why is that, I mean I have came in a bit nose up but Take this plane for instance, it’s the first plane on this video

It’s mainly the A319

Could you clarify your concern a bit? I’m not quite sure I get what you’re asking

That the A320 and A319 come in with a positive pitch and in infinite flight your plane is down or straight upon landing

Let’s not forget that the Airbus A318, 319, 320 have not had a physics rework since November 2015. The physics are going to be off. If and when they rework it, the physics will be better

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The A320/A319 has never acted like that for me, personally, I don’t think. The physics of it can be a slight bit off, but I haven’t noticed too big of a difference myself.

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Me too here’s a better picture

You may be coming in a bit fast, slower speeds should help with your nose angle

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nice A320. Beautiful Air Canada plane

It was a A319 AC and yesterday I did a flight @IF787 and I came in around 138Kts because it could’ve been speed but still I slid it

Personally, I never have a problem with the A320 physics. As said above, they haven’t been updated since 2015. Keeping that in mind, the A320 has pretty good physics in comparison to how long it’s been since an update.

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The A320 it’s ok I have buttered but the A319 is horrible

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