The A318 isn't used enough

In live, I see 0 a318s.0. This plane is too small, too similar to the free a321 for most. But I LOVE the a318. It’s one of the smallest jets out there, allowing for beautiful descents through places widebodys dare not go. It is stable, and, unlike the citation, beautiful. Your 747 or 777 may hold 5 times as many passengers, but can you fly the roaring fork visual approach into Aspen? Can any of you land at London city? Only the a318 and Citation can. The a318 is far underrated, and its ability to fly almost anywhere, is what makes it amazing. The model is beautiful, cockpit lighting, the best cockpit (with the 787) in the game. What I’m trying to say is, if you get the a318, you won’t regret it.


If that’s really what you’re trying to say, then your topic name should change…


I’m not really just trying to say that, it’s just saying that’s it really good

I’ve changed it for him 😉

i have the a318 and use it regularly into London city and aspen. your right its not used enough but then again the a321 would be used the most out of the family as its free and bigger. majority of people that play this game love the big birds.


Easily my favourite aircraft after the 787-10. Going to be using this a lot as a UK city hopper when global comes out.

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I love the baby bus! Lots of people think it looks ugly but I think it looks cute :3