The A220: is it a Brat and Whimpy?

Disclaimer: In the USAF, GE big mouth F-16s, some F-15s and the Eagle IIs are powered by GEs so the PW variants are known as Brats and Wimpy. because GE has the better engine

Is it the game or is it like in the real world that the A220 is just as weak with its PW engine?

Yes it can climb, but so does kudzu … eventually .

I always have to set M 0.79 to go 0.78 at cruise and it’s light; and you have to climb at 300 kts to transition to M 0.77 at 280. It’s like the engines just give up like a COPD patient climbing the stairs at the apartment complex.


They are small engines, they aren’t that powerful.

When you tested this - how heavy were you and how fast were you climbing?

130 pax at 170 pounds each with 60 pounds luggage each; light fuel load for an 1+20 flight time because simbrief defaults at 175 per pax and 55 for luggage … IF is 170 per pax

Well, it’s not really fair to compare fighter jets with airliners regarding performance…

umm … do the same flight with CFMs either on a 737 or 319 CEO and they perform much better (the game version)

Done multiple flights with all of them (A220 included) and can’t say I’ve ever experienced any sort of issues during climb with any of them whatsoever.

So nope. Can’t really relate.

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I did the exact missions with the A319 (best performance), the 737 and the A220. They all reliably get to TOC around the same time give or take 10 nm I admit but the A220 needs more massaging and nursing because it cannot handle the constant speed. At TOC (cruise) when you set an A319 or 737 at m 0.78 they hold it but the A220 I consistently have to set speed at m 0.79 to maintain m 0.78

Edit coming, give me a minute

This is assuming that the max continuous n1 for the A220 is 87% vs 92% for the CFM engines during climb

Edit complete

In contrast with E175, assuming unrestricted climb I initially set climb at 2400 rpm at 280 kts until N1 gets to 84 n1. Then I turn off auto throttle and let speed drop to m 0.71 then adjust vs to keep that speed. If it’s around an hour flight or less I keep the speed around 0.70 to 0.72 at cruise. If it’s longer I keep it at n1 82-84 until m 0.78 then re engage auto throttle

I wonder if everything is calibrated to WOT. I noticed with the A350 vs 787 that because the 787 can go up to 117% N1 at WOT it doesn’t feel as powerful as the A350 (which I think only goes to a hair more than 100), so at 100% the 787 feels much slower than the A350 even though at WOT they’re both rockets.


What is “WOT”? My brain got locked into World of Tanks lol

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Sorry, wide open throttle lol


Yeah, it’s one thing that an aircraft can do versus what’s the industry norm for maintenance cycles and operating cost.

I’m assuming IF will model the max an aircraft will do

I think IF is like that rental car you get and drive the dog shi, er stuff out of vs how you treat your own car lol

Yes I did that to a challenger that the insurance company paid for after my girlfriend totaled my Maxima

To be fair, the A220 is a new aircraft with new physics and the A319 and 737 are “old” physics”. Like there’s no differences between all 737s (the 737-900 is the exact same weights as a 737-700) and the OEWs of all 737s are the same and lighter than published actual weights and will carry the same fuel. I imagine this happened when they consolidated previously separated BBJs

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Crank the RAT back in, too much parasitic drag ⚓

@phoenix74 When you say “Rat pack” I hear Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra. Oh wait you said back lol I was thinking of my other post hehehe

Reminds me of the 707 days and that fastest taxi ever video I sent you

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Ram Air Turbine …back 😂

Its ok we can’t all have the same experience.
We’ll blame it on the wind component variable.

The video that captured every Infinite Flight taxi and take off lol you actually have to click the watch on YouTube link in the title lol: it’s that bad.

I’m pretty sure every turn was was at least 15mph, you can see the nose gear scream in pain. @phoenix74 as they guy on the flightline who lost a lot of hearing to C-141Bs C-9s and all the other bucket engines (thrust reversing engines) you will never forget.

This reminds me of the old C-9, K/RC-135E/C-141B days when at the age of most kids playing that high bypass engines became the new thing

It hurts my ears listening to those old JTs it’s why I got some of my VA Disability and why I have to sleep with rain noises to drown out the tinnitus but I think we are so far out in left field and off the reservation of topics and I think it’s entirely another subject for be to create another topic lol

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