The A220 In it’s Beauty

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Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


Beautiful shots!

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Thanks [ten letters]

Unfortunately the plane ruined those possibly fantastic shots. 😛

Seriously, great photos (although trash plane).

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Thanks, wdym the A220 is trash it’s the best plane in the game!

Excellent pictures 🔥🔥🔥 The KoreanAir one looks amazing!

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Thank you!

Based opinion /s

Nice shots! The A220 is a nice plane!

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Flying garbage in real life, thus trash in the simulator.

Absolutely not. 🤮

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How on earth do you not like the A220


Some opinions are objectively wrong

for legal reasons this is a joke


In that case, yours. 😛

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🤨 in what way is it bad

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You have me beat, haha.

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In every way.

Be more specific

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The best A220s are scrapped A220s.

Reasons you should like it:

1: physics

2: texture

3: avionics

4: looks AMAZING!


Awesome photos!

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  1. 717 anyday.
  2. Somehow I prefer textures of old planes.
  3. Worst flight deck ever. I’d much rather fly B-52s or 727s.
  4. Despite that being an opinion, that is one that is completely wrong.
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