The A220 Experience

Hello IFC,
Today a friend of mine who is an F/O for delta told me he would be in Dallas the same time as me. He offered me a tour of the A220 cockpit as well the offer to help him set up his return leg to MSP. I had the opportunity to load the flight plan and do a few preflight checklists on the A220 before boarding began. After all checklist and flight plan loading was done, we talked airplanes and aviation for a bit in the cockpit. One of the nice flight attendants took our picture and than he gave me the ATIS from the on board printer as a present! Enjoy!


Very roomy

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interesting face reveal


Nice! Must been a blast.

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Decided to make my face happy 🤣


Imagine making this emoji 🙃 lol, nice !

Where to where?

The flight was from DFW-MSP. I was flying through on AA.

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Wasnt in the cabin. Was invited to see the cockpit since my buddy was the F/O. Was flying another airline

you may let us know more details :)

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What more detailed do you want? My buddy and I were in Dallas at the same time. I was flying a different airline, he invited me the cockpit I accepted his offer, helped him set up the plane and than went to go catch my flight on another airline.

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