The A220 at Zurich

Flight Time: Dec 14th, 09:30PM Beijing Time ;

Route: EKCH to LSZH ; Callsign: FGS-0540 ;

Aircraft: Airbus A220-300 ; Livery: SWISS

Here are some shots, hope you like them~


p1: Boarding ( shot at EKCH )

p2: Take off ( Goodbye EKCH )

p3: On the way to Zurich~

p4: Zurich airport, FGS-0540, RWY16, clear to land. ( can u find how many A220 in this pic ? )

p5: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Zurich~

p6: Landing ( On the taxiway is @DuncanNL , on the RWY14 is Swiss 30K )

p7: Taxi to the gates ( Left side is IND786 , background is Swiss 176M )

p8: Parking…

p9: There were so many A220 at Zurich yesterday lol ( Left side is @Kyle )

—— END ——

Which is/are your favorite shot/s ?
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Amazing shots!


Thanks mate~ (๑>؂<๑) @DuncanNL

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Really nice photos! Love the last one with the line up of Swiss liveries 🔥

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thanks a lot (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ @AviatorJack

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Amazing photos!

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thank you, bro~ @Noah_Wills

Clean shots mate🙏🏽💕


lol. I think i might have been there in my Airbus A220 lol. my callsign was Airbus 220 I think or it was 244AK

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Nice shots!

I counted 3+you so 4🥴🤷‍♂️

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thanks ! (≧▽≦)

You’re pretty good bro🤣But actually, it’s 5 lol🤣 There’s another one in the pic, on the left side, close to the terminal 😆

Nice I love them all! There so good!

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thanks a lot mate ! (≧▽≦) @BlueThunder08

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Thanks! I saw that but it loos like a 777-300 to me

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