The a10 has an orange as a mini gun

So I was landing my a10 at SFO in solo and I found this
The time was a sunset and it was a head on landing to the sun


Hmm… Interesting 🤔

Fires orange peels very fast


Wow, I have never seen that before. Maybe a Easter Egg??? -_-

It’s probably just the reflection but I would like to think it is

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  • Tries to make a joke combining ‘peel’ and ‘pew’.

Fails massively.

Lol did you try and make it


A known effect, here is one of my sunset-moon shots:

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Is it always bright? Or do you have to have lights on?

I think it’s an addition in the game to make it look like it has Brecon firing a lot, and it needs to cool down. 700 30mm shells will make metal bright orange.