The A-10A N/AW


The A-10A N/AW was an experimental two seater version,
an all weather and night attack expansion of the A-10A Warthog it was an attempt to make the aircraft more exportable and more relevant in the USAF the main improvements and enhancements were advanced inertial navigation system, a cutting edge HUD, improved radios, terrain following radar, low light TV camera, FLIR and laser targeting pods,Etc. sadly this plane was filled by the conniving f-16 viper so what could have been ended in just two models being created one was crashed during testing the otheir reduced to observation in a museum this aircraft could have been really successful seeing how the a-10a performed. It would be such a great honer and a great addition to the game and to those who love the Air Force if this was one day introduced along side a complete over haul on the A-10A that is already in the game.

Looks mainly the same. Maybe it could be added with a rework of the A-10 but I don’t see that coming any time soon.


The change is moslty on the interoer


I’m not voting for aircraft that aren’t actually used. Sorry.


It doesn’t mater it was created and it exists

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