The 787-9 and long haul routes

It is amazing how technology has come to the point that twin engine jets such as the 787-9 can safely make long haul flights up to 18 hours.The engines are some of the most fuel efficient made today


Maybe could you expand on your post a bit? You haven’t included much information. Thanks.
18 hours is just too long, although the experience would be a lot better on the 787.


From what I’ve read before, 787-9 do have longer range than 777-300ER and A350-900. 787-9’s range is rated as the third longest range after 777-200LR and A340-500

As example, on the existing SIN-SFO-SIN route. United Airlines can use 787-9 without payload limit. While in the other hand, SIA uses A350-900 but they have to limit their payload. Such as leaving 23 seats empty, no duty free, cargo limitation, etc


Won’t the A350 ULH place second? I don’t think it will break the 777-200LR.

A350ULR will get additional max range with the adding of additional fuel tanks. However in the end, normal A350ULR with normal payload can only fly until A359’s max range IIRC

So there isn’t really a reason to buy?

There is, but many carriers aren’t interested with that. ME3s are more interested in 777X than 359ULR. Although there are some possible interest from Cathay Pacific, but it seems they are more interested in 777X

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Interesting, the 777X will beat the current a350 market in my opinion, sharing common type rating with the 787 it is basically a 787 combined with a 777, do you think it can go EGLL-YSSY?

I’m not sure if 787-9 can do that due to 787’s range. Maybe they can do it with payload restrictions

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EGLL-YSSY with the 777-8X can be possible


Apparently that would be a 20 hour flight! Bugger sitting in economy for that long.

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Oh yeah. A business class only flight would be more suitable for business men who want to take the shortest time possible between the two cities

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