The 777X: Trent 1000s or Not??

No, the A380 can carry 853 where as the 747-8i can carry 523 Max.

After I saw that video, got carried away and ended up watching an hour worth of 777 videos by boeing haha! what a beautiful piece of art that is. My favorite for sure!

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GE is the exclusive supplier of engines of the 777X, the planned GE9X will develop 107K lbs of thrust. I would expect a more A380-esque takeoff profile with the 777X due to its lower wing loading from its increased wing area. The current 77Ws at high loads are rotating at around 170-175 knots.

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@Henry_Collins may I ask when did the A380 have a loss of hydraulics ?

When debris from the engine pierced the hydraulic lines.

Yes it had a loss hydraulic… But I wasn’t a a really bad loss of hydraulics thou

You see, when an engine explodes, sometimes the debris will breach the engine case and go flying in all directions at insane speeds. And some chunks of engine cut the lines for the hydraulic systems. Not an ideal situation.

This has nothing to do with length… 747 is still the Queen of the skies!

That a matter of opinion my friend… The actual King is the A380

It’s the weird uncle ;).

Just kidding, I respect your opinion :)

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I agree, Airbus just want theirs to be “Super Jumbo”

It is the super jumbo my friend

As much as I love the A380, the 747 will always be the Queen!

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And the A380 will always be the king of the skies… King and queen

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A couple months later, and I’m getting signs from Boeing that they’re just gonna go with the GE9X, unfortunately. :/

I really wanted it to have the Trent 1000s. It would’ve looked so beautiful with them.

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They went exclusively with GE for the 77W and I thought they already said they had an exclusive engine deal with GE for the 777X.

In contrast the A350 is exclusive with RR I think.


I would also have liked that, but the GE engines are also great

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They are using the GE9X engine for the 777X.