The 777F has no fuel efficiency at all unlike the 777-200LR which is the same aircraft

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Android 9


777F has no fuel efficiency at all the 777-200LR is the same aircraft and can go halfway from IAH-DXB and have 150,000lb but I take the 777F with the same exact weight and balance it only half way through the flight I only have 70,000lb

Steps to reproduce

  • I open the app
  • I check my call sign
  • I spawn in at KIAH
  • I set my trim to 15% and my ALT to FL300
  • I tune out of freaqensy
  • I do my systems check
  • I copy an FPL from one of my other 3 accounts
  • I wait until my other 3 accounts depart
  • I tune back into frequency
  • I push back
  • I announce taxi to runway 15L
  • I taxi to runway 15L
  • I get to the runway
  • I announce take off to the east
  • I fallow the MMUGS4 departure
  • I climb to FL300
  • I cruise at M0.80
  • 3 hours later I step climb to FL330 and cruise with M0.82
  • another 3 hours later I step climb to FL350 with M0.84
    *another 3 hours later i step climb to FL370 with m0.86

Expected results

To have at least the same amount of fuel as the 777-200LR which had 150,000lb

Actual results

Describe the actual result
Had 70,000lb of fuel in the 777F

More Information

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Hey there!

This is not an issue. The 77F and 77LR are not the same aircraft and will not have anywhere near the same fuel consumption. There have been a couple of posts about this, but the fuel was actually re-worked pre-20.2 and has not changed because it was already worked on and perfected. Check out the below post by Andrew for further fuel info.

Additionally this question was answered about the new 777-300ER. Check it out below.

Hope this helped you out! Happy further testing mate.


Bruh what do u mean they are not the same aircraft it is the same aircraft with the only difference is one has no windows and only does cargo while the other does passengers and a little bit of cargo and before I started my departure I had the same exact fuel when I started in the sim and had the cargo on the 777F match the 777-200LRs passengers and cargo

Also what is this numbers supposed to represent the ones that are colored

The range on the 77L IRL is almost twice the 77F’s. Same platform, totally different purpose.


Adding on what has been said, the B777F is based on the normal -200, not on the LR version of the -200 IRL, which is also reflected in IF. :)

So you are saying that the 777F which has the same type of wing build same type amount of fuel and same amount of weight and balance as the 777-200LR can’t even do the same amount as the 777-200LR

Yes. That’s how it is in real life. I’m not sure what design changes caused the 777F to drastically lose range, but when both are at max payload, the -200LR has more range.



Obviously if you decrease the payload, you’ll have a greater range.

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Yes. And that’s according to Boeing. I don’t know what it is exactly but those are official numbers.

Something to keep in mind:


Utilizes the GE90-110B1 engine creating 110,760lbs of thrust hence the 110 designator.


Same airframe. Utilizes the GE90-115BL creating 115,500lbs of thrust.
GE90 Engine Data

With this information, it is clear the engines on the F model were derated as they would IRL. For those who are unsure what “derated” means, . 🙂

Having less power on an aircraft could be detrimental to ones fuel economy vs an aircraft that has more power. Something known as a power curve exists on an aircraft, and in certain situations, its possible that an aircraft could be fighting to stay forward of that power curve or sitting right on it. This would then result in higher fuel burns.

Without knowing the efficiency of the engine per NM it would be hard for you and I to pinpoint exactly how wrong these numbers could be (if any). You’d need real time data to accurately get this right. In my opinion, I do believe that the F model is slightly underpowered. It could use a few thousand more ft/lbs of thrust. Yes.

That said, the F model is not suppose to have the efficiency as the LR and it would be wrong to try to compare such models given that their engines vary drastically in terms of data. Physical appearance, they’re identical.

I do not see this as an issue, but rather some needed fine tweaks of engine performance so that it can perform as close to book numbers as possible. You’re creating a false expectation. Research, facts and data are crucial to have before coming up with an expected result. This quote is simply not accurate.

TLDR; the 777F and the 777LR should not and will not have the same fuel efficiency due to engine data being custom to the airframe at hand.


posted something similar what was the weight you were carrying?

And i did that and still didnt make it

Didn’t make what? Please read DeerCrusher’s comment, he explains it perfectly.

I had the back and front maxed out main had to lower so the fuel could be the same as the 777-200LR and the cargo could be the same as the 777-200LR maxed passengers and cargo mad sure they were all the same as if they were the same aircraft which they technically are the same

Ok then why can I barely lift off with the 777F when it is below MTOW i should not be having to take up the entire runway when trying to take off I think it’s more of the lift then the engines and besides the 777F was better b4 the update I see alot more posts about problems with the 777F then I do with any other aircraft

Just going in circles here.
We’re looking into it.