The 777 doesn’t have a full cabin?

I think we should be careful throwing this around. If you read the article it doesn’t mention cabins, so associating cabins and metal is a dangerous game. I think project metal is starting to be the new clear scenery cache. Project metal isn’t an end all be all for making possible anything that’s impossible in the sim today, personally I think cabins is a RAM limitation, but I could be totally wrong on that, anyway, metal will have lots of benefits, no question, but before we go slapping that sticker on everything let’s wait till a developer says it since at the end of the day they are the only ones who know what there limitations are, and how metal (and Vulcan on Android) changes that.


Facts interiors should be considered when developing new and existing aircraft


The cabin was removed for performance reasons given the wide array of devices used. It may return in the future.


@Chris_S Sorry to be persnickety but are you saying the cabin has been removed in the 777 for 20.2, or just reaffirming that most of the cabin was removed for performance reasons prior to 20.1??

Because I’d be really happy to hear that the seats are gone for now :)

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It says in the blog that “The main benefit will be performance; Metal and Vulkan are much more “low-level” than OpenGL ES, meaning they have less processing overhead and are more predictable.”

I never said nor meant to suggest that cabins could be coming with Project Metal. However, if Project Metal increases performance, the developers will have more leeway to implement complex features that are too performance-inhibitive to be implemented as of now.

I hope this has clarified my original post for you. What I’m saying is not meant as speculation - cabins decrease performance. Project Metal should increase performance. Project Metal could aid the development of cabins in the future.

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in my opinion, the cabin feature should be removed because it is very useless and also the texture is high


Hi there this is a little bit off topic but I have seen a few passive aggressive responses in this thread so just remember to be a little bit more kind and respectful to other users.


20.2 is not out yet and they have not shared anything specific to seats. I was referring to 20.1.


Yes, I understand what your saying, and largely took the same idea away from your first post. I think my comment may have been a little too targeted too, I’ve just seen a trend of these sorts of questions having metal/Vulcan brought up, and I just feel attaching it to everything is a slippy slope. Metal only deals with processing ability, it won’t fix a RAM issue in my understanding, and even if it is within the new API’s wheelhouse it could still just be past the majority of if not all mobile devices regardless of optimization. I guess I’m summary I am not so much saying your wrong in saying Metal/Vulcan May help here, it’s just a dangerous game to start adding that string to everything because it sets a lot of expectations that may not be possible for a thousand other reasons.

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