The 777 doesn’t have a full cabin?

The inside of plane has a few coach seats in the front! Like no first class 😂? I really wish the whole thing had seats and if your like me you admire the window view on the crj’s which is really nice, it would have been cool if the 777 had that to. Do you agree?


Hi Brody! I would think that cabins are very challenging to design and could cause performance issues. Project Metal could aid the development of cabins in the future though (performance wise).

You can vote and continue the discussion about cabins here:


I think lots of us agree but if they did put all of the seats the game would have lagged much worse and just made flying the 777 not very enjoyable I personally like that they put some seats in the plane.

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This may be possible in the future, but it has a partial cabin for purposes such as device performance and graphics quality, since people would have to tone down their setting so all the seats could render with less lag.


Well they have the inside, I don’t think the seats would add to much lag as I do a little programming for stuff myself

I hope they will have it one the 777x the next plane to come out

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777X isn’t coming out. There’s not enough data maybe in 5-10 years once it’s been flying enough it may get added. The only reworked 777’s are the ones we have now are all being reworked:)


You should realise how many polygons go into a seat. Let alone hundreds of these 😂


Then what plane is coming next

It’s called modified 3D pictures it reduces the amount of lag and makes the work load easier

777-300ER rework

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What about LR and F

The team wants to rework all 777 variants but they are only doing one at a time for now. Everything that has been confirmed to come with the next update can be found in the Official 20.2 Tracking Thread | Update Released.

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They will follow after, the development timeline is where you can find all of the latest updates on what’s coming next:

A little programming isn’t building a full fledged simulator :)

As mentioned previously, the reason why there is only a partial cabin on the B777 is that it improves performance compared to having a full cabin. More seats mean more polygons the app needs to process and draw on your screen which impacts negatively on performance. If the developers could include a full cabin they would. It’s not just practical with current hardware.

Note about the CRJ:

The CRJ is far less detailed than the B777 and thus a full cabin is fitted in. Don’t forget, the CRJ overall has (a) fewer total seats and (b) has fewer details (like a live cockpit) which take up a significant amount of processing power on the B777.


its not only project metal, mobile devices don’t have enough RAM to be able to have a full cabin

If you have a read through my topic which @lucaviness linked above (thanks for thinking of that!) having more seats in the 777 wouldn’t be good for performance. Jason stated somewhere that the seats are the max number possible for the 777 to still run in game.

With that being the case, I’d argue that we should just forget a cabin on any long haul jets - there’s just too many seats. I don’t really see why you want seats rendered, because the current 777 ones are an eyesore. There’s no detail and they are just stuck on the floor, no exit lanes, no anything! CRJ is awesome for this, and it can take a full detailed cabin because it is smaller and there are fewer seats. Let’s just enjoy the cabins on short haul jets!

And imo a half cabin isn’t a good compromise because of the way it has to be implemented. All or nothing is the best approach for details like a cabin


Some have full cabins. Small aircraft, like the 717 has a basic one at the largest. Personally, I don’t see the need for full cabins on every aircraft, I would rather not have my device burst into flames…


I meant enough ram for a plane as big as the 777, i’m aware the citations, 717, CRJs fam, and other GA planes have full interior cabins

Allow me to remind you how much lag the plane itself caused the first week it came out. So much to crash the servers.