The 777-200LR’s range is Amazing!

I took off KLAX bound for RJTT(Haneda) when I turned around towards KLAX. When I reached Los Angeles,I still had about 4 hours of fuel left,so I went to KJFK. I crashed a few miles from New York,but still being able to fly for 23 hours without refueling is pretty nice. Hope you guys try out this amazing aircraft.


Boeing truly can surpass expectations ;)


You can get close to 30hrs on the B772 if you use it right as demonstracted by a Real World B772 FO who took it over 28 hours.

Just finished the renounced Doha Auckland flight. I haven’t flown the LR yet in global so I didn’t know how much fuel would get me there so I put a full tank. Right before I began descent I had six and a half hours of gas left and it was a 15 and a half hour flight. I could’ve possibly stretched to South America if I wanted too. Keep in mind this is with near full pax and cargo.


The B77F has longer range on IF, it’s close to 27 hours.


when you land, how much fuel is left?

I don’t mean to bring up the whole A350 thing, but can’t that streatch further (IRL at least…)?

Woww … is that true? Fly from where to where, so you can fly for 27 hours? I that time flying, from WIII to MPTO, just 21 hours only

Does anybody here know the awnser to this question…

So I have been thinking recently, with any now further range, weather technology can keep stretching, isn’t there a limit whare it would be better to go the other way? Because once it is more than half way around the world it isn’t worth going further. Am I missing something or is that what we aould all a agree is the max?

There are a couple of rules with fueling for long flights. Hawaii and Johannesburg are on opposite sides of the world. Keep in mind you would have to load enough fuel to get it there. Then an extra hour, then an extra 30 minutes or so to get to Cape Town in case of diversion, and I think ETOPS requires you to load like 15% more than non ETOPS or something. You also have to load more in case of headwind.

So to an extent you’re right but you need more fuel than required to make it halfway without getting the FAA on your butt.

I think after we can master that range with aircraft we will work on making that easily possible with a full load of passengers and cargo which would require increasing the MTOW and MLW.

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It would have keep flying couple of hours past KJFK if you used great circle route. There are 77Ws flying that route so 77L would handle the route no problem.

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