The 777-200ER’s Nose Drop

I’m just wondering if you trim your aircraft? Not using proper trim on large aircraft often causes a substantial change in nose altitude when turning on/off AP.

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I usually use about 2-7% depending on Runway length and Aircraft weight

As well as the flap setting

Yes I just tried one more time with 10% and it keeps doing it

It must be something that needs to be fixed in a future update

Okay, I’m guessing it’s not your trim setting…

Another thing it could be is maybe you’re setting the AP altitude too close to your current altitude. If you turn on AP at 10800ft and you have it set to climb to 11000ft, the AP doesn’t have enough time to adjust the vertical speed. This will result in a crazy nose drop.


I went from EGLL to KLAX in the 777-200ER I had no issues. No trim or flaps used 🤔

Using Step Climb method

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Hmmm I’m not sure. I did not have an altitude set in the MCP (Mode Control Panel) and the aircraft just dropped. Flaps 5 degrees with a 58% load factor

As well as 10% trim

Very curious

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I just tried with the 777-300ER with Flaps 15 as normal and 4 percent trim and it was perfect

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Awesome! Hopefully the issue is resolved

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Yes I hope so as well too many routes not to use the 777-200ER

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I love its APPR

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What was your load? I would suggest following this topic:

To make sure you have the proper speed. Winds may also be a factor in this situation. I’ve not noticed this and I don’t think it’s a show stopper ultimately, but could you by chance provide a replay so I can see?


It was great to fly before. There must’ve been an issue


Thank you for this. I tried earlier it would not work

I can try again

You used ??

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No I did not. Let me make a new video and try again because that was not working either