The 777-200ER’s Nose Drop

Very curious

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I just tried with the 777-300ER with Flaps 15 as normal and 4 percent trim and it was perfect

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Awesome! Hopefully the issue is resolved

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Yes I hope so as well too many routes not to use the 777-200ER

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I love its APPR

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What was your load? I would suggest following this topic:

To make sure you have the proper speed. Winds may also be a factor in this situation. I’ve not noticed this and I don’t think it’s a show stopper ultimately, but could you by chance provide a replay so I can see?


It was great to fly before. There must’ve been an issue


Thank you for this. I tried earlier it would not work

I can try again

You used ??

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No I did not. Let me make a new video and try again because that was not working either

No need to make a new one, take a previous replay and use that one. Just follow the instructions on the website.

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Ok that website won’t work. Is there any other ways to export a replay?

The website won’t load although I followed all instructions

Upload the video to YouTube and make it unlisted and just share the link. But I think I have a good understanding on your issue and my main takeaway is to really follow the thread I linked above. It’s great help!! And slowly activate your VS and auto pilot. At first just press the VS button and see how it works and not turn on the whole A/P at once or just play around in the sim for a bit and see what works for you.

Ok finally I got it

Is this it or not

Ok the YouTube video is uploading

Yes it worked I saw it! I’m going to be honest and I really didn’t see a huge dip. It was very minimal and hardly an issue for me. Like I said above it’s totally avoidable, just find what works best for you.

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