The 747s Physics

Hello everyone,

I am flying at this moment a B747-8 from Munich to Boston having Problems to Keep it in the sky. My total load is 68% which shouldnt be a Problem for 4 engines. With 15h worth of fuel, the 8h flight shouldnt make any Problems either but the Performance of it is a bit weird. While cruising on FL380 my nose pitch was around 8° which is quiet much. My throttle is struggeling at 92% and fuel reaches suddendly for only 7 more hours. My friend who I was flying with did struggle so bad, he had to divert. After fuel Dumping and trying more the Performance wouldnt stabelize so I am forced to divert and land in London soon.

I thought this was interesting after researching in on other Simulators Forums they Show that all my stats were right and there shouldnt have been any Problems. I wanted to ask if anyoneelse has similar Problems with the 747s or more specific the 747-8 and if FDS could take a look at it as I’d love to fly the 747 around the world. But with those Problems it gets really hard.

Thanks for reading and write if u have any Problems with it too or if yours is working just fine.

(Note: ist not some easy Problem like engine being turned of, I checked everything multiply times)


At 68% load, you should not be that high. FL340 Or 320 is more suitable. The 747s historically have fuel problems in IF, cruise too low and your burn a lot, cruise too high and you burn alot. Experiment with it. Go to FL360 and then if you aren’t happy with that go down again.


Yes, I would recommend with heavier planes such as the 747 that you cruise between FL300 and 330 to start off with, before stepclimbing up to altitudes like FL380


You should be step climbing. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

Your plane is to heavy to go to FL380 right away. Start by climbing to FL320, then after 1-3h go to FL340, then, FL360, etc…
Also remember that the 747-8’s Cruise Speed is Mach 0.86, flying too slow and too high, too early in to the flight will make the plane pitch up too much :)
Flying to high up too early will also make the engines to work harder and by that you’ll lose more fuel than what you would do if you were cruising at a lower altitude.


Beside of that, when you set flaps 10 or 30 the movement of the plane will be really aggressive way, not smooth.

thank you for helping

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You’re Welcome and you could also start of by climbing to FL300 instead of FL320 if your plane is at MTOW or just below it and you have a long flight ahead of you :)

If you’re copying och striving for realism and wanna do a real world flight then you could always check up on FR24 or Flightaware on how the actual plane IRL step climbs. Where and when during it’s flight does it ascend or descend. It happens sometimes that a plane descends as well mid flight.

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