The 747's memorial

Hello guys…
As you may have heard, the last 747 has rolled off the production line. The 747 has been a legendary aircraft ever since it started. I would like to invite all you IFC members to a memorial flight for the 747.

How this will work?

We will spawn at Everette Airport 15-10 minutes before event time. When the event starts, we pushback and then taxi to the runway (Runway and Ramp info will be posted soon). For this memorial, we would like pilots to fly the 50th EAA livery on the 747-200, either one of the Boeing liveries on the 747-8 and a Generic 747-400. We will be flying over Everett in a low pass formation, over Downtown Seattle, KBFI, KSEA and KRNT before returning to Everett. Please follow my FPL to keep formations possible. Simply copy it before departure. A chat will be made for communications

As we want to memorialize the 747, here is my speech about it.

“The 747 has been legendary since it started. The first jet engine double decker aircraft. It has gone through 5 types along with many more. Air Force 1 utilizes a modified 747. Many presidential aircraft utilize the 747. But now, we will not see any new 747s any more. Although it may be sad to see less of them soar through the skies now, they will still soar in our hearts once the last one is retired (In next 10-15 years). May the joy of producing the legendary aircraft live on.”

This event will be on training server to allow some of my friends to join.



Thank you for helping me memorialize the beautiful jet.


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2 am CET? I will be sleeping at that time
Is it possible to move the time back 6 hours?

do we just pull up to the runway and leave, where are we flying to?

If we move it back six hours, I would be unable to join and many people might not be able too. I will see what I can do.

We pull up to the runway and fly around Seattle. You will copy my FPL when it happens

10 PM CET could also be a good time

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make sure that is in the post :), see you there!

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Yes, I will check time because I have not joined one of my events in a long time

But not later than 11 PM CET

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You live in Germany correct?

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2 am is a no go could we do it any later or earlier?

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Correct ( 10 characters )

Well I am sorry, but we have different time zones. I have just changed the time so that another IFC member could join. Do you mind telling me what time zone you are in?

12 am is perfectly fine thanks


Gut, Ich habe die Ziet
geändert für sie.

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oh but i just noticed its on a monday and I have school

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it’s starting

Yes, please make sure everything is in order. I am in a flight IRL.

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I spawned in but I don’t see anyone

@here it started