The 747 May Have Another Chance to Keep Flying.....

Due to the fires in California, the firefighters need a new tool. It is a Boeing 747 converted to a water tanker! between this and cargo, I think that we can still have 747 in the sky for years to come.


And think about how long it will take to fill up


This already exists…

It’s been around for years


This is actually a converted 747-400 so completely new I have seen it’s bright red fuselage at VCV.

Yeah. There has been many 747 fire planes before

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t take all that long to fill up. The more known DC-10 tanker takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to reload with retardant or water.

Huh! Neat!!! But to be honest, would it really take ages to fill up.

Umm it’s already obvious we will see these planes for years to come. BA are still committed to theirs, you don’t upgrade the fleet with the latest interiors when you are going to retire them 😜


Not many, the 747-400 is only the second one, there was a 747-200 that was retired and replaced recently, don’t act like you know everything, but I do see your point

I live in California and right next to the fires here. (Already been evacuated twice) I wish a 747 would fly over but a DC-10 is still cool.

Imagine the top of the plane opens up like a landing gear door and they dump a huge amount of water or retardant that would look like the mating machine for the 747 SCA but would have piles that dump it out :D

I live in the high desert (constant fire threat) and both the dc-10 and the 747-400 have flown over my house

Wow cool. Have you had to evacuate? I had to twice and it sucks!

No but I think we might next year as every year the fires are closer and closer. This year we had a fire but the winds were blowing it away from our house

Ah I see. It was scary for me because the fire suddenly jumped from one hill to another. But anyways let’s get back on topic.

Yeah, if you want to continue we can in a PM

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