The 747 is Still Alive and Well with Kalitta Airlines

A few months ago I spotted a 747 taking off from Stewart International. I couldn’t make out the livery, so I asked the community to help me out. Someone correctly pointed out that it was Kalitta!
So a few months ago they opened up a daily cargo flight to Las Angeles from Stewart international here in Newburgh NY, and is mainly doing US postal work, but no doubt, it is doing heavy lifting work indeed!

It’s amazing to see this baby taking off and landing! They are currently operating 24 of these 747’s. I’ve also read that they could even consider acquiring more in the future!

Here are some articles about them!


We operate 33 and plan to get more soon, long live the 747


They are very busy Cargo Haulers. I love spotting them in Shannon Airport twice every week for a refuelling stop in Istanbul, before heading towards the Americas. I love these giants. When the weather is clear I can see them clearly through my binoculars. I wish to drive to this airport once to take a proper picture with my new camera, when I’ll become older.

Kalitta Boeing 747 in Shannon.

Picture Credits belong to David Morrissey.


Who is we?

I saw one of these at JFK! Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a picture, as I was driving

Kalitta airlines

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If I can remember right a Kalittia Air 747-400 once was used on a episode of the Mythbusters although I don’t remember which episode it was though

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everyone. please. the 747 is not dead.
no opinioncc

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The 747 isn’t dead, I’m not sure why you seem surprised that kalitta still operates 747’s, they make great freighter aircraft. It’s not just kalitta, many big time carriers such as UPS, Cathay cargo, Singapore cargo, Polar air and Atlas air still operate plenty.


I know it’s not dead yet… I would just really love to fly one before they are all gone. I know the closed down one of the plants, and didn’t get any order this year I believe. So it’s exciting when I see other airlines using these!

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Well believe it brother, the 747 is here to stay. What surprised me is that BA stayed loyal to their fleet for the longest time ever, and they’d be retiring them around the same time airlines are retiring A346’s or even set to retire 77W’s, the very aircrafts that were meant to replace it.


For me it is just amazing that the 747 is still flying! And still flying for a ton of airlines! Just shows how well boeing made this plane!

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Airlines like DHL, UPS, China Airlines, Cathey Pacific, and more operate cargo and Lufthansa, Air China, BA, and more still operate it as passenger

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-400’s are retiring, but -8’s are definitely here to stay. As for freighter variants…nothing can replace them. All hail our lord and savior, the mighty queen of the skies!


Flying one ANC-ATL Rn.

Even the -400 probably has atleast some future, I mean heck they’re still running A300s here in the states atleast, so especially with -8s still rolling out for freighters especially I think the queen is here to stay…

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I was referring to the -400, not the freighter variants. The freighters most definitely have a future.

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