The 737 MAX To Fly Again In Europe By The End Of 2020

At this point with the level of investigation of systems you are likelier to have a systems related crash on a NEO than the MAX.

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In what world. Where Boeing are the major company and the neo is Airbus’ first plane

IMO the Max will be the safest aircraft in the sky. Boeing knows that if one crashes again, they are practically done for, they won’t be saving themselves from another crash, both financially, due to the pandemic, and morally as well.

Would feel safe flying the Max in its first year back?
  • Yes
  • No

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I think we need to wait for more RELIABLE results to come out of MAX testing because boeing keeps getting set back when the tests fail. Maybe they should remove it all together, I wouldnt feel comfortable flying on it right now,

I just hope Boeing survives covid 🙏🤞🤞

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They’ve got an entire country standing behind them. I think they’ll be okay. 🙂


Boeing isn’t going anywhere. Don’t worry about them suddenly disappearing.

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Yeah I Hope so!

Yeah I love Boeing but just not the MAX

The United States government will never let any large corporation go bankrupt. Watch this sanspotter video about AA. He makes some good points 😉 @MrMrMan @Z-Tube @William_Walker


Yeah, the government said that no airline (or manufacturer) would be going out of business due to COVID because there isn’t enough competition anyways

i hope that it will fly to berlin so that i can see it irl

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Its About time!!!


I got to see one IRL in Miami, it was so cool!