The 717 has a cabin!

I went into free camera mode and found this inside the 717! I wonder why the IF team didn’t add a cabin view to the 717 since there was already a cabin.


Can you see through the windows from the outside.

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Yes you can see inside from the windows, you could make a feature request for a cabin view!

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nevermind I’m not sure

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image here’s a picture from outside the plane. Also I am working to TL2 hopefully I’ll get there soon. 😀


The interior must be new then given most planes you can’t even see though the windows as it’s usually a window texture

It’s old it was there before global.


O…k every plane has a cabin

But not every plane in IF.


The CRJ2/7/9/1000 Has


Since 2015!

I rest my case

#1000 cases rested

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The 717 already had this before Global. Probably since its release. That’s not something new. But it’s kinda hidden feature. It doesn’t even have a cabin camera view. Yet, the 717 is probably the most detailed unreworked plane.


What case, @J2S?

Back then only the 717 and Citation had a cabin.
The Free Cam hadn’t been added yet, so it was hard to spot.

Many aircraft still don’t have a cabin, so…


Lol I knew ages ago!

There is a rework feature request…

Out of all people I thought you would’ve known this, Chatta, given that you’ve been here for such a long time. 😂

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Yeah, I know. I don’t think she needs a rework now. As I said, the 717 already is the most detailed unreworked plane. There are more planes that need the rework more urgently :)

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However, they must have done some kind of rework on it as you can see the yoke move while in the free cam. While it doesn’t work on the unworked places such as the 737’s.