The 70° North Flyout!

This one please

@RagonDragon and @IFA_YT I will sign you up!

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Event bump, only 1 gate left!! I would greatly appreciate it if someone could do ATC

I’ll take this but with a Norwegian 737-800

I’ll sign you up @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek!

Event Announcement

All terminal gates are now full! If you would still like to participate in the event, there are plenty of GA tie-downs left. In addition, if there are any IFATC officers who would like to provide ATC at this event, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Yo, it isnt listed but I will take Lufttransport Ramp Start 1 in the IF Crj-200

Alright. I will add those ramps later today and will sign you up then!

@IF_California what is the destination you would like to sign up for? I’ve just added the Lufttransport ramps.

hold on i will tell u later today

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Event bump!

take this one with a TBM

I’ll sign you up!

Event bump!

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Let’s get some more signups!

@RagonDragon @Ryan_Carney @IFA_YT @IF_California @the_ding please press “going” since you are all signed up for gates!

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Event bump!

Event bump!!

The event is one week away!!

Let’s get some more signups

you want more!? all your gates are full

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I mainly want ATC at this point

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