The 50th Anniversary aircraft!

Decided attempt a cool thing, with the new livery of the 747-200 and the X-Cub, why try get both of them in flight!
We were on casual server to be careful, but we left Boeing field and headed south!
Thanks to @FLY_BOII31 for being the X-Cub!


Stunning pictures! Love these two together. There is a massive size differences which looks quite funny next to each other. There is a massive celebration with the XCub now.

Although have in mind that you are not allowed to post more than one #screenshots-and-videos topics per day. I hope you understand. 👍


Oh ops darn… alright thanks!

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Nice pics! I’m wondering, How the heck does an XCub keep up with a 747??

Fly your 747 at 110 knots and the X Cub at full throttle and you can make it happen lol we were in formation for a good bit before I broke off with the 747


Great pics! 😄
So glad they have the EAA 50 livery on the XCub and 747!

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Great pictures! It’s really nice to have both of those liveries in game. The EAA 747 livery was surely a delightful surprise.

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Agreed! The 747-200 is my favorite jet in game I love it a ton! Always nice se her get a new coat!