The 404 to The Motor City - DL781

Hmm i flew my daily ATL to DTW! Thought I’d post some more

Flight time: 1hr 40 mins
Server: Training
Route: KATL to KDTW

Over Forest Park!

31,000ft over Tennessee

Turning onto the runway threshold @3,000ft

On short final!


Parked at Gate!

Hope you enjoyed these photos! Please tell me things to fix!



Awesome pictures! I hope to see more from you. :)

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Nice pictures 📸

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Bouta boost to get more views!

Hey! Really cool pictures! Could you add some more information about the flight time and server maybe?

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That 4th pic scared me a little. Looked like you were nosediving.

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Haha ! The winds were kinda pushing me down!

I hope your passengers are okay after seeing the 4th photo 😅. Nice pictures!

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Just seen ur profile, I’ll subscribe :))

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Thank you, appreciate that!

No problem, anything I can do to help!