The 2nd Runway of Naha (ROAH)

I’ve been waiting for the 2nd runway of Naha for months. And with the 21.3 update it finally came, so I paid a visit there.

  • Server: ES
  • Route: RJTT-ROAH
  • TIme: 1:30

It was rather a firm landing due to the crosswind there. But the color of the ocean really attracts my eyes. Definitely recommend you to try this route!


what is it with japan and runways over oceans lol?
Also, I agree that the ocean really captivates you while landing

I may be wrong but in Japan and China it’s a very busy place with not much room so that why there build over sea

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Yeah that doe s make the most sense

I think its the geography also…many Japanese cities are built quite tightly around harbours with high terrain encircling them, so theres not much flat open space available .

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You are right about Japan, but I can’t think of any airport in China that is built over the ocean lol. China has too much space they wouldn’t need to build airports over the ocean. Actually, the only airport in China I can think of built over the ocean is VHHH since the SAR doesn’t have a lot of space.

Anyways, nice pictures. The Ryukyu Islands are really a beautiful place. @FlightGT


That’s right, though another airport over the sea (I think the first for mainland China?) is being built in Dalian and is scheduled to open in 2025.

And thanks for your compliments :)

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Oh yea, they are building one in Dalian. The reason is that Dalian is surrounded by mountains on two sides and the sea on the other two sides. Shown here:

But anyways, back on topic. The second runway kinda looks weird since they didn’t fill up the spaces in IF.

Let’s just hope the imagery can be updated lol😂It does look a bit weird now

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