The 250kts below 10000ft rules

so ive been studying planes taking off in real life and i see that they go above 250 even below 10000. So i want the devs to explain to me why this rule is in the sim. Furthermore most people in live dont even follow that rule.

That why do some fighter jets go 250 plus knots over a military abse or at an airshow

Ive seen some zoom over my house

@gshazzaam I think you may be looking at their ‘ground speed’ …, the 250 knot rule is ‘indicated airspeed’ (IAS).

Obviously as your altitude increases, the air becomes thinner, therefore your ground speed increases as you hold the same IAS.

Aircraft under 10,000ft will remain below 250 knots IAS. If you are flying at say 9,500ft at an IAS of 250 knots, your ground speed (depending on wind direction and speed etc) may be more like approx 290knots ground speed.

The speeds shown in IF on the map and on the displays around them in the sky is ground speed. This is also the same with apps and websites such as flightradar.


@gshazzaam excuse me? You asked a question. We answered it for you in a polite and professional manner, and that’s the response we get…? I’m actually speechless.

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Ummm no you didnt answer the question and furthermore i was asking a dev. To answer. You just simply told me what i knew already

Omg i know what the rule is. But in real life i still see planes flying past 250kts under 10000 im not being rude

Well explain how you know their IAS is above 250 knots?

And @Rotate explained why you get a violation (due to FAA legislation) which he even posted the exact text?

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In real life, in the United States, the rules require the an aircraft most fly no greater than 250kts indicated air speed when under 10,000 feet. So if you are studying planes in the United States, in real life, they are not exceeding 250kts air speed.

Some less densely populated air spaces do not have this restriction. I remember one real world Canadian controller saying that Canada doesn’t have this restriction, although pilots most of the time adhere to the rule anyways for obvious reasons.

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Here is the obvious reason. Try imagining what it would be like if planes didn’t have a speed restriction below 10,000ft.

ATC can cancel this speed limit but this only happens when its not so busy or they need traffic to leave their airspace quick. Maybe in the future there will be an option that ATC sais “free speed” or “speed 300 knots” while below 10.000 feet but for the time being just maintain 250 :)

When increasing your speed below 10.000 feet you will only save a few seconds and on the line we don’t bother about it at all.

I agree with u

It depends actually on the airspace flown in, some airspaces have no speed limitation below 10.000 feet, hopefully this will be implemented in the game one day but to keep it like this is better for the time being in my opinion as a lot of people will get very confused why sometimes they violate the 250 knots speed limit and sometimes not.

They are exceeding the limit what are you telling me right now

How do you know they are exceeding the limit?

The rule is in the sim because

  1. It makes the game realistic
  2. Dangerous (There’s a reason why the rule was enacted)

@MitchellJames @Aernout @Thomas_Hense…well said…i could not agree more…

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