The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | Voting for Part 3!


Looking forward to seeing who’ll win


Best screenshoter, looking at the options, the choice was extremely not difficult


We currently have reached over 150 people that have voted!

Keep voting! Some of the awards are going to be extremely close!


it’s quite simple to go up to TL1 so I do not see any big problems there


Is this only in game or can it be for real life photography?


That category is for IRL. The screenshotter one is for Ingame


He is already TL1. He is saying that as a joke.


When can we expect part #deux (2)?


I am really surprised that @ET_Mavic and @Pilot_urp were not candidates for best screenshoter


Great Idea to have this Community Awards but I was wondering how people were nominated? I see quite a few people that deserve to be up there but aren’t, especially in the “best screenshotter” category


Best profile pic eh? 😂


Love the idea of these awards though! Good way to get loads involved!


Thanks bro, but just wanted to say I really don’t mind if I get nominated or not, I make screen shots for the enjoyment off looking at them after and smiling at them 😉 but thanks again mate 🤙


Can I nominate myself as best new member? 🤣 Grade 1-3, became IFATC Specialist (soon to be officer in a few days) and a great source of info to the community! (Just started at the end of October)

@anon93248082 has my vote for everything else


There’s a special category for people like that 😉


I was totally kidding 😂


Or is there more to it than that🤭🤔


Part 2 is here!

Soemrry for the delay! Please go vote for your favorite Infinite Flight Organizations!


You can still vote! Go vote for part 2 now! Part 3 is coming soon!


Just for all VA members: please do not complain if your VA doesn’t win or wasn’t nominated. All of you are still very valuable assets to the community, and I think I can speak for PTT here in saying that selecting these VAS was definitely not an easy task. That being said, whatever decision is made is not associated with the VARB and nor will the VARB take any responsibility for the nominations or those who win the awards. They are merely a reflection of the community’s current thinking and are not endorsed by the VARB or the moderation team.