The 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards | The Results




Welcome to the 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards Topic! This year the awards will be hosted by the one and only @Plane-Train-TV! Here is a few comments from our host:

I am extremely honored and excited to be hosting this prestige event this year. The community has grown in record numbers this year and I am excited to honor and award those who have been exceptional in the year of 2018. Cheers to 2018!

What is the 2018 IFCA?

The Infinite Flight Community Awards is a new organization that has formed from the preexisting IFFA that closed in 2017. Our goal is to award the ones that have been extraordinary and exceptional this past year.

A Year the Reflect On

2018 has been a huge year for this Community. We surpassed 60,000 users. We have seen more Virtual Airlines Open then ever before. We saw 4 new moderators this year. We witnessed Misha become staff. I personally am proud of this community and what it has achieved. Cheers to 2018!

The Results

This year, over 250 voted. That number is just outstanding in its own way. I would like to thank each and every one of you for voting this year. Below are the results to each section. All results are final with no exceptions. Thank you.

User Based

These users showed outstanding effort and activity throughout the year and were exceptional in there own ways. They stood out from the rest, always able to help, and loved to interact with the members of this forum as well. Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Staff Member: @ Laura

Best Moderator: @DeerCrusher

Best Regular: @BluePanda900

Best Infinite Flight Screenshoter: @MrMrMan

Best IFATC Controller: @Trio

Best Airport Editing Member: @Balloonchaser

Best Artist: @Kirito_77

Best Video Creator: @Nate_Schneller

Best Event Creator: @Balloonchaser

Most Knowledgeable Member: @anon93248082

Most Strict Moderator: @Chris_S

Organization Based

All Organizations hold a purpose in this community. It’s from helping IFC members bond in a Virtual Airline to a group of volunteers helping control the Expert server airspace. All of them have a meaning. Down below are the ones that have been found to be exceptional this year!

Best Virtual Airline: British Airways Virtual

Best Virtual Airline Website: Singapore Virtual

Best Virtual Organization: IFAE-GAF

Best Third-Party App: LiveFlight

Best YouTube Channel: @Swiss’s Swiss001

Best Social Media Page: @Mark_Denton

Part 3 and 4 will be released tomorrow.

The 2018 Infinite Flight Community User of the Year is…


I would like to thank everyone who took the time and voted in this years awards. I would also like to give attention to the ones who did not win. Even though this year you did not win, you still made your presence known in this community. Keep doing what you are doing and one day you might win! A huge thank you to the community!

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Singapore Virtual: Official Thread || A Great Way To Fly
British Airways VA Official Thread | "Best Virtual Airline 2018" - IFC Awards
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Woooo! Thanks you guys! 😁
Really pushes me to keep filming. You know what? Makes me want to break into song for the next film.

Boom de ya da boom de ya da…


I’m shocked! I actually won best screenshotter! I didn’t think that would happen!
Thanks to everyone who voted for me! 😄


Thought it would be me or @Wyn2x
…How’d that happen? 🤔


I’m shocked myself. I guess my screenshots are better than I thought…


I need to up my game…

Or maby I just need to start posting screenshots… 😂


Congrats to all! Still can’t believe @Chris_S is the most strict moderator 😂. He is sooo nice


BAVA is proud to have earned the designation of Best Virtual Airline for 2018! We can’t thank the community and our pilots enough for the extraordinary support that we have received over the past two years we have been in service. Here’s to an absolutely wonderful year and we look forward to what 2019 has in store for us!

Nichalas Petranek
Deputy President


I appreciate it to those who voted for me, means a lot. Controlling is a team effort though. 🙂


Well done @MrMrMan, 🤙 like @KPIT said, maybe we need to up our game 😅😉


@art_martinez @Asneed8706 I’ll bring you two into this. Well done to the both of you.


Please remember that I have only released half of the awards. I would also be more than happy to release the runner-ups to show how close some of you were


I think we’d all like to see runner-ups!


I am semi retired. Congratulations to all the winners.I am sure they are well deserved! 👌🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Congrats to all on the popularity contest!


And many many other people bro 😉



These are all the people that hold second place in the awards. These are all amazing people that I still believe deserve a huge round of applause for their outstanding work.

Best Staff Member: Schyllberg and Misha (Lost by 6.6%)

Best Moderator: Chris_S and Levet (Lost by 50%)

Best Regular: @anon93248082 (Lost By 8.4%)

Best Infinite Flight Screenshoter:. @Nate_Schneller (Lost by 5%)

Best IFATC Controller: @GHamsz (Lost by 3%)

Best Airport Editing Member:

Best Artist: @Brandon_Millburg (Lost by 54.3%)

Best Video Creator: @IFP-Dan (Lost by 53.4%)

Best Event Creator: @Plane-Train-TV (Lost by 39%)

Most Knowledgeable Member: @Brandon_Sandstrom (Lost by 3%)

Most Strict Moderator: Tyler (Lost by 8.9%)

Organization Based

Best Virtual Airline: Singapore Virtual (Lost by 2.9%)

Best Virtual Airline Website: Delta Virtual (Lost by 1.5%)

Best Virtual Organization: IFGAC (Lost by 15%)

Best Third-Party App: In-Flight Assistant (Lost by 49%)

Best YouTube Channel: @Blu_Games (Lost by 18%)

Best Social Media Page: Lauraviatrix


It is definitely an honor to have the GAF as an award winner. This award and recognition is all in thanks to each and every officer and staff member of the GAF. You all have earned this and I am overjoyed and humbled to share this with you all. Excellence in all we do!

A toast and cheers to the GAF.


Andrew M Sneed General, GAF
U.S. Chief of Staff Air Forces.


We need a facebook “haha” emoji for your comment


By 5%? Whaaaaaa? Wow that’s close!